Rusty Yates becomes a father again

HOUSTON In June, it will be seven years since /*Rusty Yates*/ lost all of his children. And now, he's starting a new family. He told Eyewitness News he has a new baby. He confirmed for us today that his new wife, Laura, recently had a baby. He wouldn't tell us much else about the child.

We don't know exactly when the baby was born or the child's gender. He does tell us mom and child are doing fine.

Rusty and Laura married in March of 2006 following his divorce from Andrea. The wedding took place just days before Andrea's second trial in the drowning death's of she and Rusty's five children.

An appeals court threw out Yates' first conviction due to false testimony from a key prosecution witness. The second trial ended in her being found not guilty by reason of insanity. She's since been sent to a state mental facility.

George Parnham represented Andrea Yates at trial. While he worries about any negative effect on her therapy, he says the news of this child's birth doesn't Seem to have affected her.

"She is at peace with the issue," said Parnham. "She only wants the best for Rusty, his wife and their new child. Andrea's position is that that life goes on."

We spoke briefly today also with Karin Kennedy, Andrea's mother. She confirms that Andrea knows about the birth and that she is fine with it.

Tonight at 10pm, we'll have more on Andrea Yates and why she may ask a judge to let her out of that mental hospital later this year.

Yates remains in a low-security mental hospital in Kerrville, north of San Antonio. A judge placed her in psychiatric care after she was acquitted of murder in her second trial in 2006. The jury decided Yates was not guilty by reason of insanity. Yates was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to life in 2002. A judge threw out that conviction because a prosecution psychiatrist gave erroneous testimony.

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