We'll hear from father in microwave baby case

GALVESTON Tuesday, jurors will hear what he told police, in his own words.

It will be interesting when the statement is played in court. That's because most of the day, the attorney of Joshua Mauldin, the man on trial, spent the day trying to show that the story of a baby in a microwave doesn't work.

Defense Attorney Sam Cammack questioned two prosecution witnesses and tried to get them to agree it's unlikely the baby could have fit in the microwave.

The appliance is about half her size. Cammack took measurements and pointed out the baby was 12 pounds and suggested a 12-pound turkey wouldn't fit.

Police say the incident happened last May in a Galveston motel. Investigators said a few days afterwards, Mauldin told them the microwave story.

Dr. Art Sanford of the Shriners Burn Hospital, a burn expert, testified that he believed the theory, saying a microwave could have caused the baby's burns and could have fit into the appliance.

That set off an exchange between the doctor and defense lawyer.

"Have you ever done tests to prove your theory," asked Cammack.

"No, sir, I haven't had a need to," replied Dr. Sanford.

"So you're speculating," the attorney pressed.

"Yes," the doctor replied.

"How much of your testimony is just speculation," asked the attorney.

"Objection, you are honor," the opposing attorney yelled.

That is just one of many tense moments in the courtroom.

Mauldin has pled not guilty. His lawyer suggested he's "mentally ill."

Investigators say the baby's burns were so bad that she lost most of her left ear.

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