Truth meter looks at political ads

February 19, 2008 9:16:59 PM PST
In our newscasts, you will see two advertisements for the Democratic candidates for president, and in the next couple of weeks, you will see many more. Most ads now are personal not political.

Obama wants change.

Political Ad: "You can't snap your fingers and get people to cooperate."

And Hillary is experienced.

Political Ad: "She fought for Universal Health Care."

Clinton does get specific in one ad on health care policy.

Political Ad: "She's the only candidate with a plan to provide Health Care for every American."

It's true Senator Clinton has a plan that would provide Health Care insurance for every American. In her plan it's a mandate, you would have to buy health insurance if you don't currently have any. You could keep the coverage you have now if you like it better.

It's not so true though to say she's the only candidate to do that. Her democratic opponent, Barack Obama has a plan too. Although in his he would subsidize costs to make them cheaper in the hope more people would buy it.

Obama Political Ad: "The one thing I was able to get was a great education."

In his only issue ad currently running, Barack Obama talks education.

Obama Political Ad: "We should give every child the same chances I had by investing in early childhood education and recruiting a new generation of teachers."

The ad doesn't have many specifics. As for the ones that are in there, we truly assume they are part of his plan. As for early childhood education, Obama has the goal of universal pre-school for kids under 5 and will increase funding for head start to do it. As far as new teachers he will increase scholarships and mentoring programs.

But as a potential downside for Houston he would delay NASA's trip to the moon and Mars for five years to pay for it.

Past primaries show that in the next two weeks, the ads will get more targeted. The truth meter is just getting warmed up.

As new ads emerge, we'll put them through our truth meter to make sure you know what the candidates are trying to sell you before primary day.

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