Man killed while trying to cross freeway

February 15, 2008 4:26:34 AM PST
A man was hit and killed by two cars as he tried to cross Highway 45 for the second time.It started around 8pm when the man was involved in an alleged argument with his girlfriend. Authorities say he apparently tried to run her over at a nearby apartment complex. When he realized that authorities were on their way he took off running from police.

Investigators say the man was running from precinct four constables last night when he hid in a Cadillac dealership after crossing the freeway once. When the deputies spotted the man he tried to cross back over.

"When the male saw all the precinct constable four cars pass the Cadillac dealership, he then attempted to run back across the freeway west-across the main lanes of 45," said Sgt. S. Wolverton with the Harris County Sheriff's office.

The man was struck by an SUV and sports car and both drivers stopped.

The freeway was shut down for most of the night as police collected evidence and the remains of the victim. The freeway has since reopened.

The woman involved in the earlier altercation is said to be doing fine. Police have not released the identity of the male.

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