Supercross at Reliant this weekend

February 14, 2008 7:06:39 PM PST
They call it the NASCAR of motocross. It's supercross, and they're racing this weekend at Reliant Stadium. The biggest names will be there, along with some local hopefuls. The names don't get any bigger than James Stewart and Ricky Carmichael. They're the guys all the other guys chase.

"Those kind of guys are pretty much in their own league," rider Jeff Gibson said.

For a number of the riders this week, getting to that finish line will be extra special because they grew up right here in Houston.

"I came here for years and years as a kid, watching, just wondering if I'd ever actually be out there racing," rider Ryan Granton said.

Charles Castloo is from Cypress. Granton is from Willis, the home of Christie Sheely, one of the best female riders back in the '90s.

"I don't know (if she's an inspiration), but it's pretty cool to have another good rider coming out of Willis," Castloo said.

For Castloo, Granton and Aaron Smith of Weatherford, supercross is their love, but it's a constant battle to get better. Why are there guys such as Stewart and Carmichael so good? Well, talent, yes. But that talent produces another advantage.

"They're getting six-, seven-figure salaries and they're flying in, you know, everything's paid for. They show up, and their bikes are 100 percent brand new. They have mechanics running around working on them," Granton said. "Me, I drove here and I get out, work on my own bike and I get it ready."

But every rider does it because he loves it. And this weekend, those who love Charles, Ryan, Aaron and Ryan Miller, who is from The Woodlands, get to watch them up close.

You can, too.

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