Lawsuit asks for Rosenthal's removal

February 15, 2008 9:38:31 AM PST
A prominent Houston lawyer has filed a lawsuit calling for DA Chuck Rosenthal's removal from office.Lloyd Kelly filed a lawsuit around 10am today. Kelly has been involved in lengthy civil matters at the federal courthouse, trying to prove that the civil rights of two young men from Harris County were violated in their arrest in 2002.

Much of this removal proceeding comes out of that legal matter. Kelly specifically asks that a district court judge remove Chuck Rosenthal and Sheriff Tommy Thomas from office.

The Rosenthal charges are those of official misconduct and incompetence and intoxication. The official misconduct and incompetence stretch from Rosenthal's emails, including some with racist jokes or a sexual nature.

Kelly also raises the issue in this lawsuit that Rosenthal had employed a secretary with whom he admits having an affair.

The intoxication issue apparently comes on information and belief that Rosenthal drinks while in his office. There is no further evidence offered in the lawsuit to support those claims.

We're tried to reach Rosenthal for his comment, but have been unsuccessful so far.

As for Sheriff Thomas, Kelly claims that Thomas is incompetent for not investigating things related to the civil case and a variety of other matters.

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