Man who admitted killing baby returning to TX

February 4, 2008 3:42:04 PM PST
The man who allegedly killed his baby and dumped his body by the road will return to TX Nearly a week after the body of three-month old Alijah Mullis was found beaten and dumped along a Galveston road, his father, Travis 'TJ' Mullis, is scheduled to return to Texas and face charges for his murder.

Mullis surrendered to authorities in Philadelphia on Friday night. In court on Monday, Mullis appeared calm and knew exactly why Galveston authorities were there. The 21-year-old accused baby killer also expressed his eagerness to return to Texas and chose not to fight extradition.

He looked pale, thin and very nervous. We're told by his court-appointed attorney that he even cried quietly at times during the court proceedings. Mullis' attorney met privately with his client before the court proceedings. He says Mullis appeared remorseful about the situation.

Galveston homicide detectives who spent the last week trying to track him down are no doubt relieved that they can finally bring him home.

"That was one of our biggest concerns when we got here," said Sgt. Jeremy Schwartz with the Galveston Police Department. "We didn't want this to turn into some lengthy, he's up here, we're waiting for a governor's warrant for several weeks in order to get him back down. So we're glad that as the investigators in this case, we're get to be the ones who bring him back."

Mullis also told the judge in court Monday that he suffers from mental illness and that he quit taking his medication about three years ago. Philadelphia police will escort him to the airport Tuesday and Galveston homicide investigators will take him from there back to Texas.

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