Candle may be to blame for apartment fire

January 19, 2008 5:24:15 PM PST
A two-alarm fire has left several people out in the cold. Investigators say it may have all started from a candle.The fire victims are sifting through what's left of their homes off Carrie and Marie in Deer Park. Diana Hennes returned to the place she's called home since 2001. Her carpet was wet and the air smelled like thick smoke.

"I still got my clothes on from yesterday," said Hennes. "I'm still wet. I'm soaking wet still."

The fire which destroyed four units and badly damaged four others actually began at the unit a few steps from her front door.

"This has got to be breaking your heart," we said to Hennes.

"Yeah, cause you have to find another place to live," said Hennes.

Firefighters got the call just before 11pm Friday. Heavy fire forced them to pull a second alarm.

"All fire personnel are in good shape, no injuries to them. And no residential personnel and people have any injuries reported to us," said Deer Park Fire Chief Greg Bridges.

When word spread that an unattended candle was the likely cause, emotions ran from fear to frustration to sheer anger.

"I don't have renters insurance," said fire victim Judy Byrd. "I'm on disability. I'm a widow."

Management said they have offered temporary shelter for those who wanted at local motels. Some of those displaced are staying with family or friends.

The Deer Park fire marshal says the lit candle was the likely source.

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