Security camera catches cop

January 17, 2008 6:09:37 AM PST
Eyewitness News has an exclusive look at security video of an accident that has led to an internal investigation at the Humble Police Department.After we uncovered the video, we called Humble Police. What happened after the crash now has an officer facing questions.

Humble police have launched an internal affairs investigation after learning about the video. Because of that ongoing investigation they can't comment, so we asked a retired HPD internal affairs sergeant to watch and weigh in.

It was December 29th about 3am when Danielle Rosemond and her family heard what she initially thought were gunshots. The family left the lights off, but their home surveillance camera was rolling the entire time.

"It did look like he was in uniform," she told us. "It looked like he also had a gun on his side to me."

The accident happened in Precinct 4 constable's jurisdiction. Investigators there confirm the man in the video is an off duty Humble police officer in his personal car. They say a 38-year-old woman was behind the wheel of the jaguar that crashed into the tree.

"At some point I would say they did know each other because they hugged," Rosemond said.

We asked retired HPD Sgt. Jim Dunbar to view the video. Dunbar was with the department for 27 years. A large part of his career was spent in the internal affairs division.

"If I was a supervisor and especially internal affairs I would want some answers," he said.

A few minutes after the crash, the officer and the woman get into his vehicle and leave for a few minutes.

"I see no reason for that individual or officer to take that lady into his vehicle and drive off," Dunbar said. "That is not typical procedure."

They return a few minutes later when the officer picks something up from the scene.

"Normally nothing is touched until an on duty unit gets there," Dunbar told us.

Finally the officer walks around to the front of the car.

"Looking at it at face value, I see no reason to push that vehicle from the tree," Dunbar said.

Dunbar says there are lots of questions the officer should be asked by his own Humble department.

Danielle Rosemond and her family were left wondering how many more questions they might have if their camera wasn't rolling.

"I think anytime someone damages someone else's property that they should, police officer or not, ring our doorbell no matter what time it happened to let us know," she said.

The Rosemonds have been asked to turn the video over to authorities. Dunbar says there could be a reason for the officer's actions but in his opinion, the video certainly warrants an investigation. Again Humble police cannot comment yet but tell us the officer in the video is no rookie. He has been with the department more than five years.

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