Overcoming inactivitys

January 9, 2008 6:12:48 PM PST
Starting and maintaining a program of physical activity is difficult indeed. If you have been able to do so, congratulations! However, over 50% of Americans have not been able to keep physically active. Many start with good intentions, but stop before they can establish an exercise habit. Following are the reasons and potential solutions:

1 - Experiencing discomfort - (e.g., muscle and joint aches)
New exercisers need to start at a level where some inevitable discomfort is tolerable and will be reduced over time and benefits will come quickly
2 ? Getting too much sedentary recreation (e.g., watching TV or surfing the Net)
Start incorporating activity into your day simply and slowly by doing things you might find enjoyable, such as taking long walks, bike rides, or playing active games.
3 ? Avoiding exercise because of a disease condition.(e.g., hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease)
Understand that appropriate exercise is recommended by doctors for many disease conditions, and is a key to managing symptoms of these diseases and minimizing their long-term impact.
4 ? Having an injury (e.g., strained muscles)
Instead of letting an injury becomes a long-term excuse to avoid activity, have your doctor develop an exercise rehabilitation schedule and then resume an active lifestyle.
You can begin to overcome these causes of unnecessary decline! See your doctor and YMCA health and fitness staff to help you get started on your exercise program.

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