Candidates sign up to run for DA

January 4, 2008 5:39:47 PM PST
The deadline has passed for candidates to put their name on the ballot to run for Harris County district attorney. This, after Chuck Rosenthal pulled his name off the ballot after romantic emails were released between him and his assistant. With a big smile Friday, senior district Judge Pat Lykos signed up as a candidate for the Republican primary for Harris County district attorney.

"It's a constitutional office and its duty is to see that justice is done. And there's nothing more sublime, nothing more profound than that," she said. "That's why I am so humbled to have an opportunity to do that."

Though the Harris County Republicans won't officially endorse anyone, several precinct chairs were present to support her entry.

She now joins former prosecutor Jim Leitner, current Assistant District Attorney Kelly Siegler, and Houston Police Captain Doug Perry on the Republican ticket.

"In the last 48 hours, I've had about 40 friends call me and say, 'Doug, with your credentials, I think you'd be perfect to run for the office' and after talking to my family and some trusted friends, I decided I could be, will be an excellent district attorney for Harris County," said Perry.

"There are many, many people in the district attorney's office who are hard-working, able and qualified and the first thing I want to do is set a tone for them and to energize them and to inspire them," said Lykos.

There's been a lot of turmoil in the Republican party. We went to a party insider to get his thoughts on Friday's developments.

"They know her. They trust her. And I think there's a feeling among the leadership there that an outsider can do a better job of cleaning up some of the problems in the DA's office than an insider," said former Harris County GOP Chair Gary Polland.

The Republican nominee would face off against former Houston Police Chief C.O. Bradford.