Would-be thieves get away empty handed

January 4, 2008 5:26:23 AM PST
There was another store smashed in a robbery attempt in northwest Houston. It's the second one we've seen in the last two days, but this one didn't go as planned.It happened at the store on Dacoma near Hurfus. Police believe two suspects smashed a white Ford pickup truck into the Valero store. Things didn't go as smoothly after the truck got stuck and they took off running from the scene. They didn't get away with anything from this particular store.

Yesterday, a thief did manage to get away with made out with about $15,000 in cash and lottery tickets from that store.

Authorities say they have seen a drop in crimes like this prior to the Christmas holiday but they expected to see that type of crime rise again now that people are facing holiday debt, foreclosures and higher heating and gasoline prices.

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