Snack fast, snack healthy

January 3, 2008 1:24:59 PM PST
If you're like most women, you try to eat well, but you just don't always have the time to prepare the healthiest foods from the freshest ingredients.Click here for a full, printable list of Women's Health 100 best packaged foods.

Luckily, there are some great shortcuts on your grocery store shelves. Lisa Drayer, a nutritionist and contributing editor of Women's Health magazine, scoured supermarkets around the country to find the 100 best packaged products and share eight of her favorites.

With more than 40,000 packaged products on the shelves of U.S. grocery stores, finding the best products was not an easy task. The team at Women's Health searched 10 grocery stores, read the labels and, of course, did plenty of taste tests.

Finally, it picked the snacks that deliver the nutrients you need to stay fit and slim, but without excess calories, chemicals or saturated fats.


  • Barbara's Bakery Cinnamon Puffins: It's high in fiber, and at 100 calories in 2/3 of a cup, it's low calorie and satisfying. It's great with milk, but big enough to snack on dry throughout the day.

  • Kashi Heart to Heart: At 200 calories per cup, is not necessarily for weight loss. But it's good for all-around nutrition, with antioxidants to help fight heart disease, vitamins and the oat clusters are really delicious.

  • Quaker Nutrition for Women: A very low-cal option at 170 calories per packet, complete with soy, folic acid, iron and half of your daily calcium. It's even got plenty of soluble fiber to help lower blood cholesterol.

  • Thomas 100% Whole Wheat Mini Bagels: A bagel without the guilt. They're only 120 calories. Most New-York-size bagels are three times that. These are smaller, yet still filling. The whole grain fights heart disease while helping you build muscle.

  • Fiber One Oats & Chocolate Chewy Bars: One bar, nine grams of fiber and only 140 calories! It tastes delicious and it packs a big punch. These are 140 calories each, promotes weight loss and the fiber prevents heart disease.

  • Pria Grain Essentials: At 170 calories per bar, it builds bone with calcium and promotes weight loss with fiber. It's wholesome tasting with a chewy grainy filling, and these have 40 percent of your daily calcium and are made with 70 percent organic ingredients.

  • Kettle Bakes: Lots of chips for a few calories. Only 120 calories per serving, these chips are free of trans fats. They're baked and come in different flavors for whatever craving you've got.

  • Swiss Miss Low Fat Creamy Milk Chocolate Pudding: 130 calories per pudding and 20 percent of your daily calcium which is great for building bones, fighting osteoporosis and may help lose weight. This snack has more calcium than some yogurts.
  • Get the full list at the Women's Health Web site.