Police arrest bicyclist weeks after camera captures mob destroying car in Third Ward

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Monday, July 10, 2023
Bicyclist who appeared to admit to smashing windshield handcuffed
Michael Len Johnson was arrested after being charged for allegedly shattering a driver's windshield who was swarmed by dozens of people on bikes.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A cyclist has been arrested after a mob was caught on video swarming a driver in Houston's Third Ward, according to police.

On Monday, Houston police said in a tweet that Michael Len Johnson was arrested two weeks after being charged with felony criminal mischief.

On June 26, the 42-year-old was charged for allegedly heavily damaging a vehicle at 4357 S. Macgregor Way on June 15.

Court records state that Houston police identified Johnson through his own Facebook comment three days after the incident.

Houston police say Johnson was riding among bicyclists when he confronted a driver, Herschel Cashin, and shattered his windshield.

Eyewitness News obtained video of the incident, which was caught on camera by fellow cyclists.

In the video, Cashin starts honking his horn and driving through a large group of cyclists at the intersection of South MacGregor and Scott. A few cyclists kicked and threw objects at his car. Johnson is accused of being one of those people after it appears he took a bike lock and smashed Cashin's windshield.

Cashin is seen on video pulling out a knife in his hand. He told ABC13 in a previous report that he felt threatened, and he is not facing charges.

"What the media is portraying as an angry mob is us standing our ground," Johnson's Facebook post read. "We are not the aggressors here, we are the protectors...I broke the windshield, and I stand behind my actions. I didn't attack a vehicle out of anger. I disabled a vehicle that was being used indiscriminately as a weapon against any member of the group who was in the driver's way. The windshield was broken because, in my mind, if you can't see, you can't drive."

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