Andrew Tate detained in Romania on UK 'sexual aggression' warrant, spokesperson says

ByKevin Shalvey ABCNews logo
Tuesday, March 12, 2024
Divisive social media star Andrew Tate detained in Romania: Reports
Andrew Tate was detained in Romania on charges of human trafficking and rape, according to local media reports.

LONDON -- Divisive social media personality Andrew Tate and his brother, Tristan, were detained in Romania and handed arrest warrants issued by the United Kingdom, a spokesperson for the pair said Tuesday.

The brothers were detained for 24 hours and were handed an arrest warrant for charges that included "allegations of sexual aggression," according to the spokesperson. The charges date back as far as 2012, the spokesperson said.

"Andrew and Tristan Tate unequivocally deny all allegations and decry what they perceive as an exploitative use of the legal system," the spokesperson said in a statement on Tuesday. "They are fully committed to challenging these accusations with unwavering determination and resolve."

In a separate case, Romanian prosecutors charged the brothers in June 2023 with rape, human trafficking and creating an organized crime group. The Tates were released on bail in August 2023.

ABC News' Joe Simonetti contributed to this story.

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