Alligator spotted on roadway gives Montgomery County deputies a hard time

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Friday, July 9, 2021
Gator spotted on road gives Montgomery Co. deputies a hard time
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This stubborn, 300-pound gator had to be wrangled twice before wildlife officials decided to relocate it to the wildlife refuge in Anahuac.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- An alligator was wrangled after it was caught roaming in Montgomery County Wednesday night.

Deputies were called to Cude Cemetery and FM-1097 west of Willis near Lake Conroe.

They watched the 7-foot gator go back into the woods.

However, deputies were called a second time when the alligator came back out and was almost hit by a motorcyclist on the roadway.

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Eventually, it took the combined efforts of a Texas Parks and Wildlife game warden and Montgomery County deputies to subdue the alligator.

Video from the scene shows the gator performing its signature "death roll" while tied up. You can see the footage in the video player above.

Officials say the 300-pound gator will be taken to the wildlife refuge in Anahuac.

Normally, if the gator was smaller, it would be relocated on the north side of Lake Conroe, wildlife officials said.

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