Keaton Fox
Keaton Fox is ABC13's Sr. Manager, Data Strategy.

In this role he oversees the gathering and analysis of data across the station's departments in order to support minute-by-minute decision making. Keaton worked in just about every newsroom position during his nearly 15 years in television news. That experience provides a deeper understanding of how newsroom staff work day-to-day and what they need to provide quality content to our audiences.

Fun Fact: Originally from tornado alley, Keaton is a weather geek and has been on dozens of storm chases across the Oklahoma plains

Keaton's Stories
ERCOT report details new information on power failures during winter storm
The report details more specifics about how plants went offline, but doesn't detail much in the way of what could've been done differently.
Out of space: More emergency sites opening to handle influx of migrant children
New sites across Texas are being eyed, including at least two in Houston, as FEMA prepares to come to Texas to help with the influx.
Court issues critical decision over ERCOT's ability to be sued
In a 5-4 vote, the Texas Supreme Court voted it didn't have jurisdiction to decide whether ERCOT can be sued.
Last member of PUC resigns after tape reveals he worked to protect energy profits
The tape of Arthur D'Andrea was published by Texas Monthly, where he told out-of-state investors he was working to protect profits made during the winter storm.
ERCOT bill uncertain as PUC chair is caught in call promising profits: Report
Senate Bill 2142 would have forced the Public Utility Commission to fix the error, something it so far has yet to agree to do.
Griddy Energy files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection
After facing backlash for charging thousands to Texans left in the dark during the winter storm, Griddy is filing for bankruptcy.
Harris Co. residents are going out more after end of mask mandate, cell phone data shows
Although Harris County has seen an increase in travel to retail and residential locations, other counties in Texas are seeing much more movement.
ERCOT overcharged $3B, not $16B like originally stated, report finds
ERCOT overcharged companies by at least $3 billion for power, not $16 billion, but the overcharges should still be reversed, a report from their independent auditing firm says.
Computer models now project uptick in cases after mask mandate removal
The same model shows an almost complete elimination of the virus by July if mask-wearing continues.
Harris County attorneys file resistance to ERCOT's 'sovereign immunity' claim
We'll see how far this resistance goes, but Harris County is prepared to challenge the Texas grid operator's "sovereign immunity" claim.