ABC13 Who's Hiring Job Fair: Houston area man lands job he loves in days after major first step

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Thursday, December 14, 2023
Houstonian lands job within days after ABC13 Who's Hiring Job Fair
Alex Carson lands a job days after moving back to Houston from the Netherlands, thanks to ABC13's Who's Hiring Job Fair and Workforce Solutions.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Instead of the job search taking months, one Houston area man couldn't believe it when he found work in less than two weeks thanks to an agency behind ABC13 Who's Hiring Job Fair.

Alex Carson spends a lot of time on the phone.

"People call me all day long, and I get to help them," Carson explained.

He said he needed assistance a few months ago after moving to Houston.

"I had just moved back from the Netherlands," Carson recalled. "I was bracing myself for the job hunt. I was ready to dive in."

Carson thought the job hunt would take months. Instead, he learned about a remote sales representative position at TTEC through a Workforce Solutions career advisor and reached out.

Thanks to that first step, he got a job in two weeks.

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"It was fantastic," Carson explained. "It was a weight off my shoulders. It was a relief."

Carson isn't alone. For nearly four years, Eyewitness News has partnered with Workforce Solutions for the weekly ABC13 Who's Hiring Job Fair.

During this time, ABC13 has helped thousands of people find work and introduced many to different programs.

"To hear that individual people have had that success is incredibly heartwarming, and it's incredibly humbling," Workforce Solutions spokesperson Michelle Castro said.

During the job fair event, ABC13 had a number of people calling to apply for jobs. To see the jobs, visit the Workforce Solutions website and look for the "As seen on ABC13" section.

You can also call the ABC13 hotline powered by Workforce Solutions at 713-243-6663 to apply for the jobs and ask about getting assistance with other items such as resume building, practice interviews, or childcare scholarships.

If you reach out, don't give up after the first call.

"What I mean by that is the volume of applicants that come through, whether it's through our system or a company's system, is just incredibly high, so you do need to be persistent," Castro explained.

They're positions that can come with more than a paycheck. Carson's new employer, TTEC, trained him to earn a license as an insurance agent.

"It's what we call portable, meaning you get to take it with you even when you leave this particular job," Castro explained.

That's if you want to leave. Carson's employer, TTEC, said in order to have happy customers, it needs happy employees.

That's just what Carson says he is.

"I had wonderful things to say about the whole process," Carson said. "I was very thankful for my point of contact at Workforce Solutions. I have nothing but wonderful things about the people involved."

ABC13 Who's Hiring Job Fairs take place virtually every Thursday at 10 a.m.

Watch this week's job fair below.

This week's ABC13 Who's Hiring Job Fair highlights ways you can give back to the community while getting free employment training.

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