Fast, 5G smartphones that won't break the bank

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Saturday, April 24, 2021
Fast, 5G phones that will not break the bank
Samsung is releasing a set of affordable, 5G compatible smartphones in new "A Series" line up.

Good news for those wanting to buy a brand new 5G smartphone without spending lots of cash.

Popular electronic retailer Samsung is releasing a series of new phones that they guarantee will not break the bank.

By now, we've all heard of "5G speed", and the promise of fast and new internet experiences, and thankfully upgrading will not set you back a lot of cash.

Samsung has three new phones in its "A" series that are designed for the price conscience consumer.

The A-32 is the least expensive option, priced at $280.

However, there are some trade-offs when compared to other mobile devices on the market.

The screen on the A-32 is a LCD display rather than LED, which some buyers say causes the colors to be less vibrant.

It has the same memory as an iPhone 11 but is a bit heavier, and the Samsung still has an earphone jack that are no longer standard on iPhones.

There's something else buyers should know before upgrading.

"The A-32, which is the first 5G phone under $300 that is specifically made for the T-Mobile brand and Cricket. Also, there is the A-42, not much different, which is for Verizon. That will cost a bit more," said High-Tech Texan Michael Garfield. "And then, there's the A-52 which is bit more robust. It runs $500, and that gets you on T-Mobile and AT&T."

There are three different 'A series' phones, and like all brands the more features you choose will add to the cost. But if you only have $300, reviewers who bought the phone seem to like it.

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