How to get picture-perfect brows without the hassle

Thursday, September 15, 2016
3D brows are the latest beauty trend
A new brow treatment in Houston gives ladies the groomed brow look without all the daily work.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Our eyebrows frame our face and show our expressions, so donning a good set is more popular than ever. Beauty experts say a gorgeous pair should be groomed, shaped, and filled, but that's easier said than done for most us. A new brow treatment in Houston is giving us the groomed look without all the daily work.

Kimberly Taylor is ready for some eyebrow rehab.

"My eyebrows are really thin. I have to fill them in daily," she says. Plus, as a working mom of four kids, she doesn't have time for it.

So, today, she's having a treatment called 3D Brows, or brow micro-blading.

"It is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo and it simulates hair very nicely," explains Ink Boutique owner and Micro-Pigmentologist Sherah Juarez.

It's a natural-looking tattoo that looks different than the traditional brow tattoo.

"We use a couple of different colors to achieve some three dimensional looks, and we use a couple of different needle-type tools to implant that color. So, you'll get some hairs that are thin and some that are thicker, like regular hair," says Juarez.

The process starts with a consultation and then numbing. Juarez only works out of doctor's offices around Houston like the Aesthetic and Laser Center because there, clients are able to receive a stronger topical cream for numbing.

"The fact that you're coming to a doctor's office helps with that tremendously because you're in a doctor's office, you have access to 22% topicals. They are prescription strength. If you were to go to a salon or spa, the topicals over the counter are only a 6%," explains Juarez.

Next, she pencils in the brows to achieve the perfect look for the client, and then she begins micro-blading. In most cases, only one session is necessary, and it shouldn't last more than 90 minutes.

For Taylor, it was the perfect solution for a working mom.

"I actually came on my lunchbreak!" says Taylor. "I really really love it. It's super-natural. It's awesome."

Stay out of the sun and pool after this brow treatment and apply Aquafor daily for a week. The semi-permanent tattoo should last one to three years before a touch-up is necessary. A 3D Brows treatment costs $495.