Teacher embarks on 'science cruise' in name of learning

The chemistry teacher hopes his experiences will help inspire his students (KTRK)
May 11, 2014 8:38:02 PM PDT
A Cy-Fair teacher is embarking on an adventure in the name of science. He will spend nearly a month on a small boat in the Pacific Ocean ? his so-called science cruise.

Cypress Lakes chemistry teacher Denis Costello does his best to make science exciting in the classroom. But sometimes he steps out to do a lot more to teach the lesson.

"I really want to convey how science is done at sea," he said.

Costello has embarked on a weeks-long journey aboard the R/V Melville to study the environmental conditions of the north Pacific Ocean and how it will affect our food supply. On this journey he plans to share with his Cypress Lakes High School students as he goes.

It's no Caribbean cruise, Costello explains, showing photos of the tight sleeping quarters and the science labs in which he worked on a previous research cruise.

Student Joseph Robledo said, "I just want to see what we can do to help benefit that environment."

Students like Joseph say they look forward to following Costello's trip, which is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, through social media and hearing even more, during the next school year.

"I'm actually learning that this can be used in real life, will be used to help benefit environments," Joseph said. "This goes so much further than just reading a textbook."

Student Charisse Ramos said, "He shows us how much he loves the subject and how much he likes to use these things in life."

It sounds like Costello, although just starting his journey, is already on his way to his goal of encouraging these students' love of science.

Costello explained, "I really want to get my kids excited about science."

Students and other will be tracking Costello's progress through social media and online. You can follow him on Twitter @SoCalCostello, or on his blog at socalcostello.blogspot.com.

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