Fiery crash brought freeway traffic to standstill for hours

Authorities say the 18-wheeler driver lost control, hit a light pole and burst into flames (KTRK)
May 8, 2014 10:18:17 AM PDT
The East Freeway was shut down for hours following an 18-wheeler fiery accident near Cedar Lane.

The accident happened just after 3:30am. All westbound lanes were reopened around 8:40am. At least two eastbound lanes remain closed due to the damage to the concrete barrier.

The big rig driver was heading westbound and somehow lost control, crashed into a light pole and then the cab caught fire. The driver jumped out and wasn't seriously hurt.

Authorities say the 18-wheeler was not carrying a load but there was plenty of fuel and oil that spilled onto the roadway. A HazMat crew was called out to the scene the clean the spill.

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