Shots fired during fight between parents at youth football game at Richmond park

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Tuesday, September 19, 2023
Shots fired during fight between parents at football game in Richmond
A man was grazed by a bullet and a juvenile was assaulted when a fight between parents led to gunfire at a youth football game at Harlem Road Park.

RICHMOND, Texas (KTRK) -- The Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office is investigating a shooting that took place after a youth football game on Saturday afternoon.

Deputies received a call about a disturbance at Harlem Road Park around 11:50 a.m. According to the Fort Bend Youth Football League's executive board, a number of parents got into several fights when one of them pulled out a gun and began firing shots.

Investigators said a juvenile was assaulted and sustained injuries. A man was also grazed by a bullet and transported to the hospital for treatment.

The league emphasized that guns and fights are prohibited at all of their events.

ABC13 reached out to the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office for more details about what led up to the shooting and whether or not charges will be filed.

FBYFL issued the following statement to families after the incident:

"We want to extend our sincerest apologies to the families of the Sugarland Cowboys and Southwest Broncos organizations who were victims of bad behavior by a few adults. Unfortunately, parents and volunteers cannot behave in a manner suitable for a youth sports activity. The children in this league go to practice three nights a week to showcase what they have practiced every Saturday. As parents and spectators our job is to cheer for them positively. Today's incident should never have happened at a youth sporting event.

Today, we had parents get into several altercations, resulting in one parent pulling a gun and firing shots. This behavior is never acceptable. Guns and physical altercations are forbidden at all FBYFL events. FBYFL and local authorities will take the appropriate measures to remove all associated with today's incident.

FBYFL does not condone fighting by anyone and handguns are never to be allowed at any FBYFL event. Parents sign a code of conduct upon registering any child, and FBYFL makes everyone aware of our gun policy, in which we hold parents and guests to this contractual agreement. FBYFL works hard to prevent incidents such as this. Each field must have a licensed peace officer at every game or event. We put rules and policies in place with severe punishments and fines to deter such behavior.

We pray that everyone is okay from today's incident.

As this is still an active investigation, FBYFL will not be putting out any additional statements until the local authorities have gathered all the information and we have access to the full report."

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