'Yoshi' service in Houston area brings gasoline and oil changes to your home

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Thursday, August 2, 2018
Gas delivery service called 'Yoshi' available in Houston
Gas delivery service called 'Yoshi' available in Houston

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A new subscription service called "Yoshi" is promising to make life a lot easier for drivers.

"We can do everything, from filling up your car with gas, to oil changes, to car washes, to tire checks, to wiper blade changes," said Bryan Frist, co-founder of the company currently serving more than a dozen cities, including Houston.

He says the average driver spends 33 hours a year pumping their own gas and taking time for other vehicle-related chores, like oil changes.

Some drivers, like Heather Heft, thought Yoshi sounded like a safer option than stopping for gas.

"Like right now, I left the door open. I'm kind of watching over my shoulder. So for sure, yes," said Heft, "I would much rather do it at home for sure."

Frist says its field technicians undergo background checks, drug tests, and they do all the work.

"Instead of going to a dimly lit gas station, we come right to your place of work or home," Frist said.

Yoshi currently serves the area around the ExxonMobil campus near the Woodlands, Galleria area, Energy Corridor, and the entire Inner Loop.

Membership subscriptions are $20 a month, plus the cost of gas. However, the price per gallon of gas is reduced with each service you order.

Here's more information on Yoshi: http://www.startyoshi.com

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