Manhole causing sewage mess in Woodland Heights

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Manhole causing sewage mess in Woodland Heights
Neighbors say they can smell the raw sewage bubbling up from the cracks of the manholes in the area.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Raw, smelly sewage is something Jim Mozur is all too familiar with.

He captured video from earlier this year when a manhole on Wrightwood Street bubbled up.

"When that one pops, that's when we know it's gotten bad. We have to watch that one. After that, then water starts rising and it will come up to my house," said Mozur.

Just feet away is another manhole with eroded concrete all around it.

A neighborhood says their sewage problem has gotten out of control.

Mozur says it's a continuous cycle. One of the tops comes off, he'll call the City and they'll put it back on. Then, the next time there's a heavy rain, it's off again.

"I'm hoping that someone will fix this. If they don't, it's just sad that I have to live here. Needs to be covered and sealed properly."

ABC13 reached out to Public Works and was told they just fixed the casting on the manhole on Saturday, and also sanitized the area that overflowed. As far as a long-term fix, "Houston Water has sent out an inspector to make sure the area lift station is functioning properly, too."

For his sake, Mozur hopes so.

"I have the house, I'm here now, I can't go anywhere."

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