Woman accused of fatally stabbing boyfriend in Houston has past manslaughter charge in Louisiana

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Saturday, September 16, 2023
Woman accused of killing partner previously stabbed lover 12 years ago
An arrest warrant has been issued for Trazana Mitchell, who allegedly stabbed her boyfriend of 13 years and previously stabbed her lover 12 years ago.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- An arrest warrant has been issued for a Houston woman accused of stabbing her longtime boyfriend to death, and ABC13 has learned it is not the first time she has faced a murder charge.

Trazana A. Mitchell, 41, is charged with murder in the death of Mark Constantine on August 30. Court records state that Constantine was her boyfriend of 13 years and the father of her two children.

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According to Houston police, Mitchell stabbed him once in the chest inside an apartment at the Royal Palms Apartments complex near Griggs Street, where they lived. Court records state there were "two knives soaking in dirty water in the kitchen sink."

Mitchell told investigators she was in fear during a fight, stabbed Constantine, and ran out of the apartment. However, court records state that the surveillance video tells a different story: she casually walked out of the apartment and locked the door.

In a statement to police two days after the murder, Mitchell told the conflicting story and dropped a bombshell. She admitted to stabbing and killing a previous boyfriend in 2007 in Louisiana.

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In records obtained by ABC13 from the Lafayette Police Department, investigators wrote that Mitchell was a suspect in the 2007 murder of Wilbert Brown, who was left to die on the side of the road.

After the stabbing, she was reportedly seen with what was described as a "long knife sticking out of her brown purse," court records said.

Court records also mention that a witness saw her toss something, and a "large butcher knife" was recovered.

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Mitchell was eventually convicted in 2011 of manslaughter, records show.

ABC13 tried to obtain sentencing records from Lafayette Parish, but they were not available.

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