12-year-old accused of murdering babysitter to remain in juvenile detention

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Thursday, July 30, 2020
12-year-old accused of murder to remain in juvenile detention
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The pre-teen is also facing an additional charge of aggravated assault after being accused of murdering his babysitter.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The 12-year-old accused of killing the woman watching after him is staying in juvenile detention for the time being.

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The child had an initial court appearance Wednesday morning, during which time his new lawyer learned that the child is facing an additional charge of aggravated assault.

"We're trying to find out, number one, what happened, and once we find that out, we have to find out why," said Mike Schneider, who has just been hired by the family of the boy.

Last Saturday, police said Sharon Hawkins was killed in the Greenspoint area while watching the boy. Schneider said the boy's mother was at work, and Hawkins watched him often.

Detectives said that officers found Hawkins, who had been shot several times, lying on the bedroom floor.

Detectives first thought the boy was a witness, but after his stories did not match up, they soon determined he was the suspect.

Schneider said Hawkins and the family of the boy have known each other for years. He is not yet certain of the situation, but wants to get his client released so he can go to school and prepare a defense.

"He's lucky, unlike a lot of kids," said Schneider. "He can get supervision from mom, dad, and grandmother. He has no history of any violence, episodes, anything. Does well in school, so I think we can get him home."

Hawkins also worked as a security screener in Precinct 1 Constable Alan Rosen's Office, working mostly in the downtown courthouse complex.

Her family is now asking the public to visit their GoFundMe page for any help with the burial expenses.

Another hearing on the boy's status is being scheduled for next week.

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