'You see how karma works?': Woman tells only ABC13 about how she escaped ex abducting her

Saturday, December 3, 2022
Frederick Wiltz charged: Woman shares how ex-boyfriend abducted her and tied up her son after she tried to end relationship
A woman talked to only ABC13 after quick thinking helped her get away from her ex, who's accused of threatening her with a knife and tying up her son.

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- A woman is sharing the terrifying story about how she was allegedly held hostage by her ex-boyfriend in north Harris County and managed to escape after a struggle over a gun.

Frederick Wiltz, 56, is accused of tying up a child and then kidnapping the boy's mother. As of Friday morning, he was still a wanted fugitive sought by Harris County Precinct 4.

ABC13 is concealing the victim's identity because she fears for her son's safety.

She said she dated the suspect for two years but broke up over the summer.

On Monday, the day before the attack, she said she gave him back his belongings.

She said that on Tuesday evening, Wiltz broke into her home, and when she walked in, he came up from behind her with a knife.

"He bum-rushed me on the couch with a knife up to my neck, and the only thing I could do was plead with him. That's what I remember saying, 'You don't have to do this.' He said, 'I just want to talk.' I said, 'There could have been another way,'" she recalled.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Deputies looking for man charged after allegedly tying up a child in closet, kidnapping mother

She said he had locked her 14-year-old son in his closet.

"He used duct tape that he found here to tape my son's hands and used the belt out of my closet to put around his legs," she explained.

She said she and Wiltz drove off, knowing that her son would be safe if she got her ex-boyfriend out of the house.

The victim managed to get the suspect to stop the car at a Shell gas station on Rankin and I-45, claiming she needed to go to the bathroom. She said Wiltz would not let her go inside.

She said she talked him into letting her urinate in a cup, and while she was getting out of the vehicle, she managed to grab her gun from the driver's side door.

That's when a confrontation broke out between her and Wiltz, who was still armed with a knife.

"I just made him crawl across the parking lot. I did," she said. "I put my gun over his head and made him crawl. He said, 'I'm hurt. Can we talk? Can you get my shoe?' He was saying different stuff, and I just said, 'You see how karma works?'"

He managed to get away before the deputies arrived.

"I wish he would do the right thing and turn himself in," she said. "There's a better way. He said, 'I need help.' This is the help he really needs."

Wiltz is wanted on two aggravated kidnapping charges.

If you know any information on his whereabouts, you are urged to contact Constable Mark Herman at the Harris County Constable Precinct 4 Office.

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