Woman's murder shakes Waller County community; neighbors say suspect 'protected those he love'

A man allegedly used a kitchen knife to decapitate his wife, authorities said, adding that he made strange posts on social media.

Friday, January 13, 2023
21-year-old woman decapitated by her husband, Waller Co. sheriff says
A man is facing murder charges after deputies say he confessed to decapitating his wife at their home.

WALLER COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- Friends and family say they are devastated by the brutal murder of Anggy Diaz, allegedly at the hand of her new husband, Jared Dicus.

"Diaz was this little ray of sunshine in his life," a neighbor who grew up with Dicus said. "She was optimistic. He made her happy, and she kept him in good spirits."

The newlyweds were married last October by Waller County Judge Trey Duhon, who posted a smiling picture of the couple on Facebook shortly after the ceremony.

Eyewitness News talked with people who said the alleged murder is horrific and shocking. Deputies found Diaz Wednesday at about 4:35 p.m. at the couple's home on Oak Hollow, just south of FM 1488. They lived in a small structure behind Dicus' parents' house, on the same property.

WATCH: Sheriff gives details on suspect accused of decapitating his wife

Press play to hear new information provided by Waller County Sheriff Troy Guidry on the case involving a 21-year-old woman found decapitated in a home.

According to Sheriff Troy Guidry, Dicus' father called authorities when they realized something was wrong. Dicus stayed on the scene as investigators arrived. Diaz's head was decapitated, and the sheriff said the scene was bloody.

"A portion of the body was dismembered, and the residence was covered in blood. Gruesome scene at best," he said.

Guidry said that all family members were taken to the sheriff's department, where they were interviewed, and Dicus was charged.

"Evidence shows the suspect used a kitchen knife," Guidry said, adding that the weapon had been recovered.

There have been prior disturbance calls made to the suspect's parents' home, though it's unclear if the calls are related to Dicus or his older brother, who apparently also lives in the homes.

Investigators said they are looking to see if drugs may be a factor.

"He's never the crazy one. He's never the type to go do something violent. He protected those he loved and cared about," the shocked neighbor said.

From their copious social media posts, Dicus and Diaz seemed happy. Diaz was devoted to physical fitness, sharing videos of her workouts and encouraging others. Dicus's parents' house is on the same road as Diaz's aunt's house, where the young woman lived.

Diaz's manager at the meat market where she worked said the couple met in early 2022. When Diaz didn't show up for her cashier shift on Wednesday, her manager called her family, and that's when they learned about her tragic death.

For now, Dicus remains behind bars at the Waller County Jail. The Waller County District Attorney's Office said it is still gathering evidence.

Meanwhile, Diaz's family is planning a vigil for this Saturday at a park near her home. They have also started a GoFundMe, and hope to collect enough money to give her a proper burial.