Tips on preparing your home for freezing temperatures this week

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Sunday, January 14, 2024
Harris County officials urge residents to be prepared for arctic blast
When is the Arctic blast coming? Harris County officials urge residents to be prepared as a Winter Weather Advisory begins Sunday night.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- ABC13's weather team has declared Monday through Wednesday as Weather Alert Days due to the possibility of freezing rain and a long-duration hard freeze.

The chilly weather is a result of an Arctic cold front moving through southeast Texas.

A Winter Weather Advisory begins at 6 p.m. Sunday and goes until 6 p.m. Monday for most of southeast Texas, with the exception of coastal counties.

ABC13 meteorologists said showers with freezing rain, drizzle, and even sleet could lead to minor ice accumulations up to a tenth of an inch during the 24-hour period. Icy surfaces and slick spots on roads are expected.

For a full forecast, see ABC13's Need to Know Weather.

On Saturday, Harris County officials said there are at least 12 warming centers throughout the area, many in neighborhoods with more vulnerable populations.

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The full list of available warming centers in Harris County and the map can be found on Ready Harris.

Remember to keep an eye out on the four Ps: people, pets, pipes, and plants.

It's important to check on any sick or older family members, make sure to bring your pets inside, and remember to cover your pipes and plants.

The county does expect electricity demands to peak until Monday and Tuesday, which means there is a possibility of calls for power conservation and outages.

The Harris County Fire Marshal urges those who are using space heaters and generators to be cautious about carbon monoxide poisoning, which is deemed a "silent killer."

"Let's make sure if you're putting your generators out (on Sunday) and you're setting them up. Don't put them in the garage. Don't put them anywhere near the eaves of your house. Make sure that the vent is facing out so that it doesn't come back into your house," Harris County Fire Marshal Laurie Christensen said.

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Tips for homeowners prepping for cold temperatures

  • If you have a garage, make sure you keep it closed.
  • Keep the thermostat at the same temperature all day.
  • If you're leaving the house, make sure you keep the heat on.

Viewers have been asking Eyewitness News whether or not to drip faucets.

The latest directive is not to drip, because experts said that your pipes cannot freeze if you do not have water in them.

If too many people drip at once, it could impact water pressure across the county.

For those that don't have the option, be sure that your faucet is doing a true drip and not a stream of water.

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