Wildcat Golf Club hit by golf cart thieves for 3rd time this year

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Wildcat Golf Club is considering hiring armed security guards to keep watch in the evenings after criminals made off with 10 golf carts Tuesday night.

Co-owner Elmer Stephens tells Eyewitness News this is the third time the golf course has been hit this year.

"There's a big black market for that and they sell them for pennies on the dollar," said Stephens.

After the last incident in June, the club installed a steel gate at the entrance of the cart barn and added reinforcing steel to the fence surrounding it, but the crooks had no trouble breaking through it.

"We've heard there's been several golf courses around the City of Houston, up to Montgomery County, The Woodlands, the Kingwood area that have had similar situations with people breaking in and stealing their carts," said Stephens.

Stephens says the club is in an isolated area of town that is especially vulnerable when the sun goes down.

"We're probably going to have to put armed guards in here at night. Nobody likes doing that. It's a big, big expense and it's a big disruption to our business," said Stephens. "You shouldn't have to deal with this."

In 2017, three suspects were arrested over similar thefts from the same golf club. Investigators found the stolen golf carts for sale on "OfferUp" for unreasonably low prices.

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