What we know about K-Solv, chemical facility burning in Channelview

CHANNELVIEW, Texas (KTRK) -- As crews continue to battle the ongoing blaze in Channelview, we're learning more about the company at the center of the fire, K-Solv.

According to its website, K-Solv is "a leading provider of chemical distribution and maritime services, as well as renewable fuels."

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The company is said to be a transit facility, meaning that they don't manufacture products at that location, but rather accept chemicals and ship chemicals.

"Our vast experience, knowledge, and strong purchasing power allow us to offer a wide range of cost-effective solutions for all your chemical needs," K-Solv's website reads.

K-Solv's main office is in west Houston, while its facility stands in the Channelview area.

K-Solv wrote that their employees are all safe and accounted for in this event.

This is not the first time the company has experienced a fire. In 2007, the company suffered another fire that reportedly injured one of its employees.

As to what is burning on the site, that remains unknown as the facility is said to contain some of the following chemicals: hydrochloric acid, acetone, ethanol, ethylene dichloride, and other acids.
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