Brazoria County residents in clean-up mode after rain floods homes in West Columbia

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Thursday, January 25, 2024
Brazoria County residents in clean-up mode after rain floods homes
Several homes in Brazoria County's West Columbia neighborhood were filled with water, and roads flooded during Wednesday's heavy rain.

BRAZORIA COUNTY, Texas (KTRK) -- Several homeowners in a West Columbia neighborhood took in a bit of water into their homes and garages from Wednesday morning's rain.

Water has receded in most areas of West Columbia since the downpour on Wednesday morning.

John Benoit has lived in his West Columbia home since the '90s. He said he's no stranger to rain or flooding, but things were a little different on Wednesday morning.

"A lakefront property. Back lakefront property," Benoit said. "I looked around and realized the water was already up to the house and all around the house."

Benoit had photos from inside of his home from Wednesday morning. They show puddling throughout and towels on the ground in an attempt to dry it all up as quickly as possible.

"Oh my goodness! I don't like to see this," a West Columbia neighbor, Mary Miller, said.

Miller and her family have lived in the same home for decades. On Wednesday morning, her front yard flooded, and water went into a portion of her home. Miller said her son helped get the water out.

"It was underneath the house, and you could hear it bubbling. You could hear the water bubbling underneath the house. I knew then, my goodness, it was high," Miller said.

Several neighbors near Hamilton and Ringgold Street said the water doesn't drain out fast enough in the area, causing bigger issues and flooding.

"The drainage, underneath the culverts, I mean the street. I think if they clean all that out, it would surely help 'cause it would let the water go all the way down to the other ditch on the main highway," Miller said.

ABC13 called the leaders of West Columbia, and within an hour, city workers were out in the neighborhood clearing out culverts in hopes of bringing down the flooding.

The city manager said they're looking for some short-term fixes, like potentially adding more culverts to the area.

Leaders in the area said they're working to figure out the next steps so homes don't flood again during bad rainy days like Wednesday morning.

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