Wag dog walker arrested after allegedly stealing from client's home

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Wednesday, November 27, 2019
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An employee of a popular dog walking app is under arrest and accused of stealing more than $800 worth of items from a client's home.

NEW YORK -- An employee of a popular dog walking app is under arrest and accused of stealing from a client.

Shayna Bryan, a client of Wag in Queens, New York, took to Twitter to post surveillance video she says shows one of the company's employees robbing her home on Nov. 15, 2019.

The footage tweeted by Bryan from her surveillance camera captures the dog walker she hired, allegedly stealing $800 worth of items -- including a coat and designer purse.

Bryan watched it all happen on her phone while she was out to dinner. She sounded an alarm, and even told the woman through a speaker system to put the stuff back. Bryan says the woman didn't.

Bryan said on Twitter that she was hesitant to involve the media, but felt she was left no choice after her emails to Wag initially went unanswered.

Police say the dog walker, 22-year-old Lisa Barrera, was arrested Tuesday on larceny charges.

Wag said it refunded Bryan for the walk and deactivated the dog walker's account.

The company's VP of Trust and Safety and Corporate Affairs, Heather Rothenberg, said Wag is working with local authorities on the investigation and released the following statement:

"Every walker must pass a vetting process and a background check before being allowed to join the Wag platform. Our screenings include an application and verification process, as well as a background check that includes a Social Security number trace, a facial recognition check against all official documents provided, a document check, a national criminal check, a county criminal check, a sex offender check, and a global watch list check. Every applicant must pass an online test covering dog safety, equipment, and handling knowledge before we allow them on the Wag! platform to care for your dog."