Image of Virgin Mary in tree reinforces family's faith

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Friday, December 19, 2014
Family sees image of Virgin Mary in tree
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Brenda Flores feels the image is a divine sign for her family

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A southeast Houston family told Eyewitness News, there's something divine on the tree in their front yard.

The Flores family said they see the silhouette of the Virgin Mary on the bark. Brenda Flores explained the image appeared out of nowhere on December 5th. Her aunt first spotted it before the two said it's clear, there is something spiritual there.

"I first got the chills. I got the chills," said Brenda Flores. "God does exist and that if you have faith ... They will answer your prayers."

Flores revealed that in the fall, her two-year-old niece Aryanna became sick. Aryanna was hospitalized, batting a rare condition known as pulmonary and intestinal lymphangiectasia. Flores said she prayed to the Virgin Mary, asking for her niece's health, and in returned she promised to cut her hair.

Flores said she did just that, and wanted to take the hair to Mexico City and offer it up with a prayer at the big cathedral. Tight finances cancelled the family's trip. Flores said despite that, her prayers were answered.

"I couldn't go to her, so I thought maybe she's coming to me and answering my prayers," said Flores.

Flores' husband, Luis Flores, said everyone seems to see something in the tree. He sees Jesus Christ.

"Again, you see it. You keep looking at it. I see Christ," said Luis Flores. "Other people see the Virgin Mary. Other people see angels. I see Christ."