USPS worker accused of stealing $3,000 worth of checks from mail

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Saturday, February 19, 2022
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FRIENDSWOOD, Texas (KTRK) -- A seasonal USPS worker is accused of stealing checks and depositing them into her account in Friendswood, according to police.

Police said there had been a fire at the Westbury Post Office on Chimney Rock, so Jasmine Brown was assigned to stand at the door where customers leave mail. Brown was in charge of placing the mail in the appropriate bins.

Four victims ranging from ages 64 to 74 claimed lost checks through the mail totaling in $3,000. Those checks were in fact cashed by a mobile deposit.

The 74-year-old victim told police he mailed a rent check by leaving it in his community mailbox and it was never received by the intended recipient.

Another victim, 64, told police he handed a check to a female employee at the Westbury PO that was meant to be mailed to his brother, who never received the money.

Police say, the 67-year-old victim also handed an envelope to a woman employee at Westbury PO. When his brother received the envelope, it was cut open.

A 66-year-old victim sent a check through the community mailbox which the recipient never received.

Brown has no previous charges and posted a bond of $2,500. Brown is no longer working for USPS, but it is unclear if unemployment is related to the incidents.

ABC13 is waiting for a response from USPS.