Scammers steal $1,000 from woman on Mother's Day, officials say

ANGLETON, Texas (KTRK) -- Before bringing back the job search requirements for unemployment benefits, officials in Texas are warning about scammers targeting job seekers.

Lindsey Withrow is one of the many people in Texas looking for a job, but one thing she didn't think about were scammers.

"I was shocked, and honestly, a little bit angry." Withrow said. "I was pretty upset about it."

On Mother's Day, the mom of two said someone withdrew $1,000 from her unemployment card.

"I really don't know how somebody was able to get into the card." Withrow said. "I just don't even know."

The Texas Workforce Commission said people should protect their pin numbers. Also, if fraudulent withdrawals are made, people may not get their funds back. To protect yourself, the agency said you can transfer the money from your unemployment card or set up direct deposit into you bank account.

Texas Workforce Commission is also warning job seekers about employment scams.

On Monday, TWC said it's not sure when the job search requirement will be reinstated for people to collect unemployment benefits, but the agency is discussing it.

If you're looking for work, here are some things to look out for:

  • If someone offers you a job without an offer
  • If the offer is vague, and doesn't provide many details
  • Application fees, training fees or equipment fees
  • Keep an eye out for bad grammar or misspelled words on the job posting
  • If you're offered an interview at someone's home or hotel, it could be a scam

TWC officials say you should research the company, and if you have concerns contact Workforce Solutions, or the Better Business Bureau.

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