University of Houston removes TikTok from all University-owned devices amid Gov. Abbott's ban

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Thursday, January 19, 2023
University of Texas at Austin blocks access to TikTok for students using campus Wi-Fi networks
Texas public universities have now in some way, shape, or form done away with the Chinese-owned app. Some are making even bigger moves.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- For years now, it's been argued by Texas leaders that the Chinese-owned app TikTok poses a threat to the United States. Because of that, in December of last year, Gov. Greg Abbott banned TikTok on state issued devices. Now, state universities are following in that ban.

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The University of Houston sent the following letter to everyone in its system:

"The University of Houston immediately ceased activity on all of its University-managed TikTok accounts following the Governor's order last month. The UHS Information Security team has scanned more than 20,000 University-owned devices across the UH System, and the app was removed from six devices. The University has not made any changes to the university's Wi-Fi or internet systems as it relates to the order.
We understand that a model plan is in development for state agencies, and we will evaluate that guidance when it becomes available to ensure compliance. We continually monitor cybersecurity threat intelligence and implement appropriate measures for the protection of our university information resources and community."

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Something similar has happened over at the University of Texas at Austin, except this ban is more strict. The video-sharing app has been blocked on the university's Wi-Fi and wired networks in response to Abbott's recent ban, according to an email sent to students earlier this week.

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