Police searching for suspects in pickup truck who killed 2 men with AK-47 in N. Houston

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Thursday, July 28, 2022
HPD searching for suspects in truck who killed 2 men with AK-47
Investigators said the two men who were killed each had a gun, though it's unclear if they ever fired back. Now, police are searching for a black pickup truck.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Surveillance video is providing a better look at a shooting in a busy north Houston intersection that left two men dead.

Witnesses believe the gunman used an AK-47.

A Harris County deputy on his way to work discovered the scene on Aldine Westfield near Parker Road around 10 p.m. Wednesday.

ABC13 is waiting to hear back from police to clarify some of the details. What investigators initially said does not quite match what is seen in surveillance video.

You can see the surveillance footage in the video player above.

The video shows a black pickup truck traveling south on Aldine Westfield when it gets bumped by another truck that is traveling the opposite way.

The black pickup truck turns onto Parker Road and passes a white car. Then, the video shows the white car hit another car.

Police said that is the moment a man in the bed of the black pickup, possibly a GMC truck, shot at the two people in the white car, killing them.

Video from the scene shows bullet holes on the driver and passenger side of the white car.

Police said it appeared that the passenger got out and was shot and killed. Then, the driver got out to check on the passenger and was also shot and killed.

Investigators believe the gunman in the back of the pickup truck fired multiple shots from an AK-47.

"Bullet holes on both the driver's side and passenger's side of the white vehicle. There was one witness who observed what occurred. That witness stated that there was a Hispanic male in the bed of the pickup truck with an AK-47," Lt. Ignacio Izaquirre said.

Initially, investigators believed the two different groups had an altercation right before the shooting, but the video showed that they came from different directions.

The bottom line is -- the four people who were in the pickup have not been found. Police have not released a description of them.

Police believe the truck fled westbound on Aldine Westfield after the deadly shooting.

As for the two victims, they were each found with a gun, but police said it's not clear if they ever fired back.

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