Airlines issuing refunds for cancelled trips, extending options to rebook

Wednesday, April 8, 2020
Airline refunds, rebooking for trips canceled amid COVID-19
Here's the silver lining if your upcoming trip was canceled due to the pandemic.

Thousands of flights were canceled over the last month due to COVID-19, and if you were supposed to be on one of them, the U.S. Department of Transportation now says airlines must refund your money.

"If the airline canceled the itinerary, they would be due a refund. However, if they proactively canceled their flight, they are more likely to receive a future travel credit, as opposed to a refund," travel agent Shenita Outland of World Travels said.

But there is a silver lining, airlines are giving you more time to rebook.

"They've done a good job of relaxing their policies," Outland explained. "So, instead of using your credit a year out, you can potentially use it up to 2 years out."

And it doesn't matter when you booked the ticket, the travel credit extension should still apply, and most airlines are waiving cancellation and rebooking fees.

Keep in mind, any future trips you book are still subject to big changes.

"As you get closer to the date of travel, if the airline notices that they cannot fulfill that itinerary, and they cancel it, you are due a full refund," Outland said.


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