Woman rescued from dump truck after falling into dumpster, driven away during trash pick-up

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Wednesday, January 31, 2024
Woman falls into dumpster, driven away during trash pick-up
A dump truck rescue got underway in Manchester, New Hampshire on Monday. A woman fell into a dumpster while throwing away her garbage.

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- A New Hampshire woman was lifted out of the back of a dump truck by fire crews, WMUR reported.

Investigators say the woman, from Manchester, fell into a dumpster while she was throwing away her garbage before being scooped up and driven away during trash pick-up Monday.

"Thirty-two years. I've never seen anything like this my whole career," said Manchester Fire Dept. Battalion Chief Bob Beaudet.

Fire crews say that the driver had a camera in the back of his truck and noticed her inside. But he had already compacted the trash four times.

"It's alarming, because you don't really think it's true. You don't think it really happens," Beaudet said.

Neighbors watched the rescue in disbelief as firefighters scaled the truck and pulled her out.

"He was up over here and he heard screaming and stuff like that," one neighbor said. "We thought something really bad was happening."

According to Beaudet, that woman lives in the neighborhood. They don't know how long she had been in the dumpster, but he says she's very lucky that driver noticed she was in there.

"I talked to the driver. He seemed to be OK. It's not the first time this has happened to him," Beaudet said. "It was definitely one for the books."