New company named TrashDay takes your trash to and from the curb

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015
Trash on the cub

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (KTRK) -- Hate taking out the trash? A new company will soon allow strangers into your home to do the job for you.

TrashDay was created by a San Francisco company with the tagline "Never Take Out The Trash Again," the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. It will soon launch its services for $32-$52 a month in the city.

Once you sign up, the company will come assess your home's trash situation and get copies of your keys. Then the afternoon before your trash pickup, its background-checked "helpers" will come to your home to roll your cans out to the curb.

When your trash has been picked up, they'll come back out again to roll your cans back inside.

The idea is so basic, many people have assumed TrashDay is a joke. The site has no information about the company's founders, and the only way to contact the business is through a phone number that goes straight to voicemail.

If it is real, it would compete with Recology, which is the company that picks up trash in San Francisco. That company has offered a similar service for years, reports.