5 fashion must haves for in-between size transitions

Wednesday, January 24, 2018
5 fashion must haves for in-between size transitions
5 fashion must haves for in-between size transitions

Whether you've just had a baby or on a weight loss journey, being in between sizes can make getting dressed a challenge.

Well, Cammeo Head to Toe Personal Stylist and Blogger Cammeo Murray just had a baby four and a half months ago and knows all about finding the right pieces that look flattering and stretch your wardrobe while you work on losing a few pounds.

Here are 5 must-buy transition pieces:

1 - Dressed-up Legging: A dressed up legging, in either leather or faux leather, can really take your look to the next level. Also look for leggings with a thicker ponte knit material and tailored details, especially at the ankle. The reason a dressed-up angle is great? They're stretchy but don't look it!

2 - Oversized shirt: This can be a knit or t-shirt. These oversized shirts are a great look, but remember to keep the bottoms more fitted, so you're proportionate.

3 - High-waisted jeans or pants: Yes, they're so in-style these days, and they are so forgiving. They can easily disguise a tummy and really keep everything "in." Plus, if they have a little stretch, you'll be extra-comfortable, too!

4 - Button Down Shirt: You can never go wrong with a button down when you're in between sizes. You can wear it open when you're a little bigger, and when you've lost the weight and can button up with no problem, you can wear it closed.

5 - Maxi Dress: The maxi dress isn't just for summer! There are so many winter knits on the market in maxi styles these days. What's great about a maxi is they're comfortable, can get you through a weight loss journey, and are awesome for layering.