Towing hitch hits windshield while woman is driving

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Friday, March 4, 2016
Towing hitch hits windshield
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Imagine this comes flying at you while you're driving? It happened to one woman in southwest Houston.

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- It was like a scene out of the movie "Final Destination" for one Houston driver. A tow hitch flew into her windshield, narrowly missing her.

"You have hubcaps falling off people's vehicles," said Danny Perez, with TX Dot. "Anything can happen when you're out there."

The Texas Department of Transportation said situations like that on the highway can be deadly.

"You'll see everything from car batteries to brake pads all kinds of materials those are things falling off of trucks and vehicles," said Perez.

In 2014 a few drivers across the nation had a close call. In Atlanta, a sledgehammer pierced a windshield, and on the same day, an ax flew off a landscapers truck and smashed into a driver's windshield in Massachusetts. In Midland, a woman there said if it wasn't for her rear-view mirror, a pipe would have killed her.

TxDOT said these type of incidents could have been avoided.

"We ask folks that are traveling that are transporting materials those kinds of things to make sure their load is secure," said Perez.

TxDOT routinely cleans up debris on the highway, but HPD's Truck Enforcement unit also does its part to keep the roads safe.

"Gravel trucks, sand trucks - they're required by law to have their loads covered," said SGT McCoy.

While some situations are unavoidable, here's what TxDOT said you can do to stay safe:

1) Stay alert and keep your eyes on the road.

2) Don't tailgate, and leave enough space between you and other drivers.

3) If you see a big object on the road ,call it in to 713-802-5000.

HPD's Truck Enforcement also said if someone see a big rig with its load uncovered and it's putting other driver's at risk, they should call it in to 911 and give them a description and where the rig is headed to on the highway.