Cypress torture house victims forced to drink urine and stapled in plastic

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Gruesome details in the Cypress torture house case are emerging as the contractor believed to be the mastermind of the attack remains on the run.

The father of one of the two victims said he believes his son was going to be murdered after enduring hours of beatings and humiliation, which included being forced to drink urine and being hit with a two-by-four.

Lamar Sanders has been arrested, but John Indridson, the man investigators believe orchestrated the kidnappings, is still at large.

"He's evil, devil written all over him," said the father who did not want to be identified.

His son, who is 19 years old, used to work for Indridson.

"The guy had work. He was going to pay him well. First couple of jobs, paid him really well. Then it went south from there," said the father.

On Monday, investigators said Indridson asked the teen and another former employee to help him move, luring them to his Bella Drive home.

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Inside the garage, deputies say Indridson, Sanders and a third unnamed suspect attacked the two victims, beating the man's son with a wooden beam.

"It was like the narrow end of a two-by-four right across the shoulder blades, easily could have caused internal injuries."

They forced him to snort cocaine, drink liquor and more.

"He also said that they forced him to drink his own urine," said the father.

He added the nine hours of torture included making his son get naked as he was wrapped in plastic that was stapled to his body for hours.

The suspects used belts, extension cords, duct tape and machetes to keep the victims captive.

"They cut his shoulder open about this long of a cut right across here, sliced. Right here, he's got two slices into his calf," the father said.

At one point, the teen passed out after being strangled with a belt, later waking up to the screams from the other victim.

Then came the mental torture, showing the victims a map of where they planned to dump their bodies.

"Just for torment, they had him there, and they were showing him and his friend, 'This is where we're taking you.' It's 127 miles away," the father said. "That was the purpose of the U-Haul, it wasn't for moving."

Indridson is considered extremely dangerous.

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