Grand Parkway tolls increasing at start of 2020

Drivers, you'll have to pay a little more soon if you take the Grand Parkway.

Starting Jan. 1, 2020, tolls will increase 2%. In 2012, The Texas Transportation Commission agreed to allow for tolls to go up 2% annually, pending approval. That approval happened at the commission's meeting last Thursday.

That means starting at the beginning of next year, many drivers will see an increase of a few cents.

For example, 2-axle vehicles that enter or exit at Franz Road and West Road will pay a penny more. If you're tolling point is the Mainlane Plaza south of FM 529, your price will go up four cents, from $2.12 to $2.16.

This increase affects the following portions of the toll road:
Segment D of the Grand Parkway in Harris County. The tolling point is Colonial Parkway.
Segment E, which is between I-10 and Highway 290 on the west side of Houston.
Segment F1, which is between Highway 290 to Highway 249.

Segment F2, which is between Highway 249 to I-45.
Segment G, which is between I-45 to Highway 59.
Segment H, which opens by Spring 2022, and includes entrance and exit ramps at Kingwood Drive, FM 686 and FM 1960.
Segment I-1, which opens by Spring 2022, and includes entrance and exit ramps at FM 1413 and SH 146.
The existing toll points of Segment I-2A, which is from I-10 south to Fisher Road in Chambers County.
Segment I-2B, which opens by Spring 2022 and includes entrance and exit ramps at Kilgore Road.

You can compare the 2019 rates to the 2020 rates listed in the commission's report.

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