The Better-Booty Workout: 5 Exercises for Rear-Results

Five to Fab: 5 Exercises to Sculpt a Tight Butt
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Tone up your tush in no time with this fat-blasting routine

Getting a toned tush is hard, so you really need to target all of the muscles your behind for the jiggle to disappear. Alison Lackey of Real Results Fitness teaches us how to get rear results with these five moves.

Half Up Squat Jump: Find a chair, bench, or coffee table. Squat down until your behind touches the table, lift your butt up half way, lower again, and jump. Repeat this squat, raise half way, lower, and jump in a slow tempo twenty five times. Add dumbbells for added resistance.

Single Leg Wall Deadlift: Face the wall and put your hands out in front of your chest touching the wall. Lift one leg from the ground, bend over, from this position, lift and lower the body fifteen times on each leg.

Leaning Leg Lifts: Lower to your knees on the ground. Now, lower the body to your side, resting your body on one elbow. You really have to lean into it. Lift the outer leg, straighten it, and lift and lower the leg using a four count up and four count down. Repeat fifteen times on each side.

Tap Around the World: Get on all fours. Straighten one leg, place one knee on the floor and elbows in plank position. Lift the leg up and around controlling it on the way down, to the outside and tap your toe to the ground, swing back up to the inside over the other leg( bent knee) and tap toe to the ground, back up and around to the middle and back to starting position. Repeat the three taps fifteen times on each leg.

Floor Bridge Swing: Lie on your back. Lift your hips as high as you can into a bridge, with knees and toes forward pressing heels into the ground. Hold that position, keeping hips up towards the ceiling. Straighten one leg. Lower and lift that leg holding for five counts at the top and five counts at the bottom, keeping hips raised. Repeat on each leg 15 times.

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