Burpees: 5 ways to add this full-body exercise to your workout

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- The burpee exercise combines a squat, plank, squat, and jump. It's a least-favorite exercise for most of us, but it should be our favorite exercise, because it works multiple muscles, gets your heart rate up, and burns lots of calories.

"A burpee can burn on average of eight to 14 calories per burpee, so it's a great exercise if you need maximum effort in minimum time," explains Real Results Fitness Houston Trainer Alison Lackey.

To do a traditional burpee, stand with your feet hip-width apart. Then, squat, put your hands on the floor in push-up position in front of you, jump your feet back, hold the plank, jump the feet back in, and then stand up into a squat position and jump.

Lackey says though, we can take the traditional burpee up a notch by adding a push up at the bottom. This will work the plank more and incorporate the upper body.

To add more intensity and more of a challenge, grab ten pound dumbbells. Do the traditional burpee, but when you go down into a plank position, position the dumbbells at an angle towards you.

Next, try traveling burpees. Do a traditional burpee with a push up, and when you come back up, do a broad jump, jumping forward. Then, go into the next burpee.

Finally, try a burpee with mountain climbers to really boost your cardio. Do a burpee, but this time, when you're in the plank position, do ten seconds of mountain climbers by driving your knees up to chest at a fast pace.

The burpee requires no equipment, and if you're short on time, this is the perfect exercise to get the body moving and energy levels boosting!
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