'South Pacific' star joins ABC13 to share why groundbreaking classic a 'story that needs to be told'

The Theatre Under the Stars production 'South Pacific' wraps up at the Hobby Center this weekend.
HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Theatre Under the Stars (TUTS) production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's South Pacific wraps up this weekend at the Hobby Center in Houston.

Performer Nigel Huckle, who plays a lead role as Lt. Cable, joined ABC13 on Eyewitness News at 8 a.m. on Friday and says the Houston arts community has embraced the groundbreaking classic in a new way.

"What was unique about it when it first came out in 1949 is what makes it timely today as it really confronted the issues of race. Back then, it was very controversial, but the creators of the show were adamant that this was a story that needed to be told. These themes have not gone away, and this is a brilliant show that's been around for ages that we've brought a new take on."

Huckle, who is making his first appearance with Theatre Under the Stars, told ABC13's Jonathan Bruce that the show resonates with a diverse Houston audience.

"The response in the audience is palpable. Everyone has just had such a great time. What's amazing is just the diversity of the audiences. Saw a couple of young girls who must have been about 9 and 11, waiting back stage after the show who were just so thrilled. I was shocked that golden age musical would appeal to a wide range of audiences, but they have absolutely loved it."

South Pacific wraps up with shows Friday at 8 p.m., Saturday at 2 p.m. and 8 p.m., and the finale on Sunday at 2 p.m. For tickets and information visit www.tuts.com.
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