Seabrook student swings science project into business venture

SEABROOK, Texas (KTRK) -- Bryce Marcelle of Seabrook Intermediate School turned a science fair project into a business venture with his creation of the "The Sweet Spot Golf training aid."

The idea was born after not knowing what to do as a science fair project. Bryce pitched the idea to his father, who encouraged him to come up with the golf aligner.

"It kinda just came to me, an image of what the sweet spot would look like, and I drew it down for my dad and he said it would be a great experiment," Marcelle said.

Both father and son have spent countless hours working to perfect "The Sweet Spot," which has made their bond stronger.

"My dad and I have definitely grown closer during this project. We are kinda like the Yin and Yang. I think more about the people, how are they going to see it, and he thinks more about the product itself," Marcelle said.

Marcelle decided to swing into entrepreneurship and sell "The Sweet Spot" online, which you can now find on Amazon for $29.99.

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